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Many of the world’s largest companies have announced plans to achieve net-zero emissions, but their pledges often rely on misleading or false claims. A slew of new rules and recent court cases promises to make it harder for companies to pose as “climate leaders” while maintaining pollution as usual
5 May 2023
The lack of shared standards and transparent methodologies for environmental, social, and governance ratings leads to the mispricing of stocks and bonds, and undermines effective decision-making by investors. As more governments are recognizing, regulatory intervention is urgently needed
3 May 2023
The Philippines is lagging behind its Southeast Asian peers when it comes to the adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, experts say, and a key reason could be the lack of a “forcing mechanism” to push listed companies to follow internationally recognized sustainability standards.
3 May 2023
New guide to help regional asset managers, banks, investors, understand, minimize risk
1 May 2023
Highest level of infrastructure sustainability that few such projects in China achieve
28 Apr 2023
Though carbon-offset schemes are riddled with complexity, there is no question that they pay for something that matters. Far from being a secondary concern, supporting the natural systems that manage the stocks and flows of carbon through the planet’s ecosystems is essential to humans’ survival
12 Apr 2023
Amid the growing enthusiasm for carbon border taxes, Western policymakers have largely ignored the negative impact on the world’s poorest countries. For carbon-pricing policies to succeed, developed countries must show their commitment to shared prosperity by enabling knowledge-sharing and fostering equitable climate finance
17 Mar 2023
Despite the rising share of electric vehicle sales in China and elsewhere, it would be a mistake to leave matters to the market. Without more ambitious policy changes, the transition to emissions-free transportation will still be too slow to keep climate change in check
12 Mar 2023
As with many common resources, the high seas are not yet protected by a truly comprehensive, agreed-upon framework governing conservation and economic activities beyond national jurisdictions. But this must change if there is to be any hope of achieving global biodiversity goals
28 Feb 2023
The frontier Mekong economies of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam face varying degrees of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks with moderately to very highly negative impacts on their current sovereign ratings, according to Moody’s Investors Service.
1 Feb 2023
Regional regulators uniquely positioned to align, enhance ESG risk management, disclosure
13 Jan 2023
While some European policymakers are ambivalent about the US Democrats’ signature climate-change legislation, the American plan’s targeted, government-centred approach is far more credible than the market-based approach guiding the EU’s current green agenda. Instead of fighting the Inflation Reduction Act, Europe should embrace its pro-worker bent
11 Jan 2023
The world economy’s carbon intensity is declining at nowhere near the rate needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. But while continuing to tout an unrealistic goal could hamper progress, as people become demotivated or simply stop viewing the effort as credible, setting a more feasible goal raises risks of its own
31 Dec 2022
Spurning ‘global pathway’, region aims to adopt one more tailored developing countries
19 Dec 2022