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Despite big aspirations – and big investment – China has struggled to catch up with the US in an economically and strategically vital industry, and will continue to face significant barriers to progress. But a number of factors – from rising US inflation to fast-growing scientific capabilities – could work in its favour
1 Jul 2022
In this new era of strategic competition between China and the West, disengagement is the order of the day. While this trend will impede economic growth, increase business costs, and raise prices for everyone, the economy that loses the most may well be China’s
29 Jun 2022
With inflation surging, central bankers would be wise not to assume that their reputations will automatically recover and the status quo ante will be restored. They will need to marshal their defences more effectively and should not regard central bank independence as the end of monetary history
28 Jun 2022
A half-century long strategy, led by corporations, Wall Street, governments, and central banks, is coming undone. As a result, the West’s authorities now face an impossible choice: push conglomerates and states into cascading bankruptcies or allow inflation to go unchecked
25 Jun 2022
If governments get it right, a more subdued, but also more sustainable and longer-lasting kind of globalization will emerge. And in an open and growing world economy, peddlers of deglobalization theories will find it easier to change jobs and re-skill
24 Jun 2022
Dangerously high inflation has left Americans deeply dissatisfied with the economy and likely to punish the Democrats in this year’s midterm elections. US President Joe Biden would be wise to follow the example of his predecessor Bill Clinton, lest he end up sharing a political fate similar to Jimmy Carter's
23 Jun 2022
Although US President Joe Biden has now identified inflation as his top economic-policy priority, his administration’s efforts to ameliorate the problem have been ineffective and even counterproductive. As if that weren’t bad enough, most of its recent actions run counter to its professed environmental and climate goals
22 Jun 2022
With US consumer prices growing at their fastest pace in four decades, inflation has become the single-most important economic policy issue. But you wouldn't know it from watching the Biden administration, which has maintained most Trump-era tariffs and other measures driving up prices
22 Jun 2022
Automation across trade lifecycle brings required speed, agility and resilience to ride through volatility
21 Jun 2022
catalyst for budding start-ups, ample headroom for continuing upward momentum
20 Jun 2022
Project Syndicate talks with lecturer and economist Marion Laboure, who puts the plummeting value of bitcoin and other crypto currencies in perspective, considers how financial technologies can boost financial inclusion and reduce inequality, and highlights the vulnerabilities illustrated by the TerraUSD
16 Jun 2022
The US Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee ought to announce a rate increase that is large enough to bring its policy rate to an optimal neutral-plus level. But it has an even greater interest in adhering to its own forward guidance, implying that it will probably maintain its incremental approach
15 Jun 2022
Today’s supply-chain policy challenges are a consequence of forgetting that other considerations besides economic efficiency matter, and that hands-on craft knowledge cannot be transmitted online. Unfortunately, problems that have been four decades in the making cannot be solved overnight.
13 Jun 2022